This late renaissance hunting lodge was built over the ruins of a patrician villa where consuls used to celebrate their Feriae Latinae as a tribute to Iuppiter Latiaris.

A real jewel of this solitary place is the well-known second century sepulchre adorned with consular and pontifical insignians attributed to Gneo Scipione Ispalo.

During the seventeenth century Prince Egidio, the younger brother of Cardinal Gerolamo, began the hospitality of the Villa. Indeed he was in the habit of giving numerous feasts in honour of the Pontifical Court of Castel Gandolfo.



Since 2014 an important valorisation's project promoted by the Vatican State allows millions of tourists to visit Pope's Palace and the Vatican Gardens (Ville Pontificie) which have been opened for the first time in history; both considered jewels of Castelli Romani.

Thanks to an evocative natural and archeological context, the visitors can admire the amazing landscape glimpsing far-off the small dome of St. Peter Church, among secular trees and ruins of the Imperial Theatre with an orginal Crypto-Portico, part of the preexisting Domitiano's Villa.

During the Tour, you might also be able to appreciate the Vatican Farms with their high quality biological products, well known in the whole area.

Furthermore with a walking distance of 500 mt, our guests can easily reach Castel Gandolfo and visit the Apostolic Palace, the Pope's summer estate which features oil paintings of popes dating back to the 16th century and their vestments.

In order to discover the Vatican Gardens it's higly recommendable to book in advance trough the website:


This lovely 10 Km walking path around Albano Lake will let you discover several nymphaeums known as Ninfeo Dorico, Ninfeo Bergantino, originally parts of the Domitiano's Villa and the important construction of the Albano's emissary, one of the earliest and strategically mostimportant hydraulic engineering works.

Castel Gandolfo was built over the crater and overlooking the Albano Lake, offers its visitators the opportunity to indulge in several water sports, such as canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing.

The Riding Centre is just 10 min far (by car) from Castel Vecchio, in the earth of the green area called Pratoni del Vicaro; this place is well-known among the riding enthusiasts of all disciplines; an ideal place for those who practise horse jumping, dressage or endurance. The Federal Equestrian Centre, covering most of the area, has a great experience, being provided with many attracting itineraries.

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